Do you think that’s funny?

For part of today I’ve been messing with conveying learning using ironic comedy sketches. I’ve done some of this before with audio podcasts. We produced 24 episodes over 2 years until it ceased to be fun. Oh how I jest – those lavish lunches at the recording studio were playing havoc with my waistline, my fingers getting ever fatter and therein lies the reason for my phobia of texting.

This time I was using video animation and applying it to contractor selection (see my results on YouTube). Humour sometimes doesn’t travel and this has lead some to discourage its use entirely in training – I bet those training sessions are fun. It’s too big a risk and it can upset people. It’s true it can but if you take the time to build good relationships with your ‘students’ as well, it’s pretty obvious that you’re not being malicious or trying to offend someone. It’s often about context and relationships. Everywhere in life, someone will be offended by something. In fact, curiously, you even find quite a lot of people who are offended on behalf of others – even though the ‘others’ are not actually offended. Now that’s odd.

Humour though can make a point well and make it memorable, so long may it continue.