NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #19

As a sort of Christmas present, NEBOSH are about to publish the final version of their diploma syllabi.  Be careful what you wish for.  It isn’t expected to change greatly from the last version issued for consultation a few months back.

In the meantime, whilst you contain your excitement and joy at the impending approach of Santa (because you’ve been so good), you’ll just have to settle for our jaunt throughUnit C.  In the world, the letter “C” can stand for many things (behave).  Some naughty.  Some nice.

Element 1 has hardly changed at all, but you will notice some of significance.  The reference to the workplace regulations (the main legislation covering the hardware requirements of a workplace building for healthy and safe living) moves to the top – probably where it should be.  Safety signs also moves to the top but gets considerably reduced attention – a mere mention of it.  That could be a sign….though safety signs have been overrated.  I see many workplaces these days where you cannot move for signs (often construction sites as it happens, because there’s more immediate danger (and a corresponding love of signs)).  I have concluded that my ability to pay attention to any single exhortation on a sign is inversely proportional to the total number of signs.  They all blend into something like a vivid teletubbies landscape of colour and wonder.  Signs are apparently only needed where other measures really just aren’t adequate – that’s precisely to stop sign blindness I think and a recognition of human frailty (which we all know happens – go to any city with millions of road signs and you’ll remember how difficult it is to simply miss stuff, even if you’re looking for it).

So, when you’re thinking of putting up loads of “Santa, please stop here” signs for you and your kids, just appreciate how difficult it is to spot it for a portly someone (whose had rather too many brandy-filled mince pies) who is simultaneously trying to navigate by the stars, control excited reindeer and balance 500 mega-tonnes of carefully wrapped gifts and 14 elves (looking after elf and safety…) on the edge of a sleigh.  Your sign is just one of many.  Be patient, your sign is important to him…