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NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #1

NEBOSH started their second phase consultation on Friday 14th August. They issued course providers with revised syllabi for further consideration.  The proposed revisions take account of comments from employers, students, course providers and examiners.   The revised documents now contain concrete proposals for syllabus changes.  These changes may or may not make it into the final versions but it does at least give some insights into current thinking.

We’ll go into the details of the proposed changes, and what they might mean, in later news bulletins but for now, we’ll just give you a an overview of the changes.

One of the purposes of the revisions was to get much better alignment of national and international syllabuses.  So, it’s no surprise that similar changes are reflected in both qualifications.

Overall, Unit A has had more content added (and so the study hours has increased) and Units B and C have had content removed (reduction in study hours).  The additional content in Unit A comes from more detail on leadership, culture, practitioner skills and risk management.

For Units B and C, the detail of some topics has been reduced.  This is because they were considered to go well beyond what most general practitioners would now be required to know and would, instead, be sub-contracted to specialists.  The changes in Unit B are more complex, with a good deal of rearrangement of material within elements, as well as a little new content.