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NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #2

Since the revised syllabi were released about 1 week ago, we’ve been busy evaluating the detail of the changes.  We’ve been going through the draft National Diploma Syllabus and comparing it to the current syllabus.  NEBOSH flag up a number of proposed changes already (using their colour coding system) but these don’t identify all changes by any means.  Hence the need to do a thorough analysis to make sure we aren’t missing anything.

In the past the national and international syllabi were treated independently, so they have increasingly diverged.  That is set to change.  The updated syllabi show better alignment  between the national and international syllabi, for instance, we noticed that some areas of substantial structural reorganisation of the national diploma syllabus (interestingly NOT flagged up as a change) were in fact substitution with the equivalent international structure for that part (which was better organised).   This is more obvious in the technical detail of Unit B, for example, B3.2 (personal protection equipment); this section on respiratory protective equipment is basically organised around the much better layout of the International Diploma (which was in fact organised around the factors from the HSG53 RPE selection guidance).  Since we produce materials on both qualifications, this helps us to be more efficient, utilising our existing content and so save time in the long run.

Towards the latter half of the week we then started on re-organising a draft copy of our course books to give to our writers to get started.  In the coming weeks we’ll drill down into what we think of some of the detailed changes as well as give you an update on our progress.

But as a taster, let’s start with Unit A, element 1.  There have been no substantive changes in the first part (elements A1.1 and 1.2) on reasons for managing health and safety and societal factors influencing health and safety standards and priorities. A1.3 (safety management systems) has been broken out into an element all on its own (now A2) and expanded a little (though mostly this is simply to make it more explicit, rather than to add any new content).  Instead, the remainder of element 1 has been devoted to the role of the safety practitioner – greatly expanding what was there.