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NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #24

Moving on to element C5.  This element is almost identical to what was there before (workplace equipment in general), apart from some notable exceptions.  A few bits have been moved in from C6.  But, in addition you’ll notice that the detail on non-destructive testing techniques has been reduced to a simple discussion of the advantages and disadvantages.  No longer will you have to consider the principles of operation and their application.  All of the previously listed specific techniques too have gone.

The non-destructive techniques that have previously been considered essential in this part of the syllabus have included: dye penetrant, acoustic emission testing, ultrasonic, X-radiography, Gamma-radiography, eddy current and magnetic particle.

Pressure systems now appear at the end of C5.  Previously they had an entire 5 hour element to themselves. So, what has made it in is a snappy tour of what a pressure system is. Inspection/examination types (overview), mechanical failure mechanisms and prevention and testing strategies.  There are not even any case studies of examples of pressure system failures.