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Q&A on NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation

A collaborative course from NEBOSH and The Health & Safety Executive launching this May. The NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course is designed to enable learners to be able to carry out solo incident investigations, produce risk control plans, and contribute to team incident investigations for large-scale investigations. The course aims to aid individuals in positively impacting the safety culture in their organisations.

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Our associate tutor Elizabeth Kenyon has been directly involved in developing content for the course. Elizabeth is passionate about safety and training, and has over 15 years experience of training delivery within the HSE industries.

In addition to filming e-Learning content for the course with RRC, she has kindly spoken to us about her involvement in developing content for the NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course.

Q&A With Elizabeth Kenyon

Why is The NEBOSH HSE Introduction To Incident Investigation Course Important?

Organisations have a legal obligation under current UK health and safety legislation to provide a safe working environment, safe plant and equipment, and a safe place of work.

When an incident occurs within a work environment; it is imperative that these incidents are investigated to determine how and why they happened. This ensures the correct lessons will be learnt to prevent the same or similar happening again, and to ensure employers continue to provide a safe work place.

How Will The Course Help Organisations To Drive Down Their Incidents? 

In addition to taking delegates through the process of conducting an effective investigation, the course takes individuals through the process of how and why things go wrong in the first place. In order to raise awareness and educate on correcting unsafe acts and unsafe conditions, before they have the opportunity to cause harm.

What Did Your Input Involve In Regards To Developing Content For The Course?

NEBOSH gave me a remit to build course content around, which stated the elements to be covered and the contents of each area. Then I wrote drafts of the workbook, PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan, along with devising activities and group discussion points to give the course material context within each individual’s work environment.

I submitted each element to the course development team at RRC for editing, before being submitted to NEBOSH and The HSE for review. Next, I edited where required. It was great fun, I love development work. It means I keep my knowledge up to date, and as current as it can be, by the research undertaken to provide the most relevant course material.

How Was Your Experience Of Developing Content For Two Such Influential Health & Safety Organisations Such As NEBOSH & The HSE?

I was incredibly honoured to be asked, but also very aware of the need to give this project my everything. The course development team at NEBOSH were brilliant – so helpful and welcoming from the outset. They were always on hand with any support that I needed throughout the entire development process.

The content I developed went to The HSE via NEBOSH, so I didn’t have direct contact with them. However the feedback received from The HSE was really good, which I was obviously very happy about.

Did You Enjoy Filming Content For This Course?

I’ve been training for over 15 years, but surprisingly a camera staring at you is sometimes as daunting as a whole room full of company directors!! Again, the team at RRC were fantastic, and very gentle with me as it was my first time doing anything like that! We had a good laugh filming once I lost my nerves, and filming the content took a lot less time than we thought. I am a very enthusiastic trainer in the classroom, and I want that to come across on film too. As nobody is going to pay attention to you if you don’t sound interesting, and interested!

Behind the scene shot of Elizabeth Kenyon filming content for RRC
Behind the scenes shot of Elizabeth filming content with RRC

Do You Have Any Tips For Those That Have Never Been Filmed?

Relax, take your time, and be aware of the things you naturally do when you stand still. Such as fidget, flick your hair, etc – to try and curb them!

Prepare – practise your script beforehand so that you come across as natural, and you can actually say the words without stumbling. Sometimes what you’ve written out doesn’t sound right when you say it out loud, so allow time for alterations too.

Enjoy it! It was a great day filming, and hope to be invited back in front of the camera again soon!

Elizabeth Kenyon (Tech IOSH)

With over 15 years training experience in both the public and private sector. Lizzie Kenyon now works as a trainer and consultant delivering H&S training across a wide range of industries. Including oil and gas, process and construction.

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