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Benefits of Studying NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Leadership Excellence

The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health & Safety Leadership Excellence has been developed through collaboration between NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – the UK’s Health & Safety Regulator. This qualification aims to provide holders with the knowledge and understanding of Health & Safety Leadership to ensure that they can contribute to the effective management of their organisations overall performance.

Inspire Change and Influence Positive Health & Safety Culture

The course emphasizes how leadership behaviours can influence the health and safety culture of an organisation and it aims to guide leaders to become better advocates for health and safety within their organisations (NEBOSH, 2019). 

By integrating The HSE’s model for effective health and safety leadership, plus learning outcomes such as; different leadership styles, how leaders can build effective relationships with workforce and moral, legal and financial reasons for good health and safety leadership. Learners are empowered to return to their workplace and inspire a difference in behaviours and attitudes towards health and safety. 

In addition to contributing to positive health and safety culture within their workplaces, learners are assessed in a different way to the usual invigilated NEBOSH exams. The assessment for this qualification is in the form of reflective statements, showing how the learners knowledge, skills and behaviour may have positive and negative effects on health and safety performance in their organisation. 

Reflective Thinking about Leadership 

There is a huge reflective aspect within this course, as mirrored by the assessment style. The aim is to analyse behaviour and attitude as a leader, and critically think how this influences others in an organisation – and consequently, how this can be improved. 

Also a focus on good leadership foundations and characteristics are identified and explored within the course, allowing leaders to build on their leadership skills. Furthermore, aiding individuals in developing an effective future vision for the health and safety of their organisation. 

Moral, Legal and Financial Reasons for Good Health & Safety Leadership

Within the course the moral, legal and financial reasons for good health and safety leadership are explored. An overview, as seen below:

Moral – Responsibility and accountability for health and safety, including the protection of workers from reprisals when reporting health and safety incidents and hazards. 

Legal – The role, function and limitations of legislation as a means of promoting health and safety and environmental performance. Including analysis of various laws pertaining to health and safety (and leadership), for example; The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 – Duties under Sections 2, 3, 36 and 37 of the Act and more. 

Financial – The real cost of accidents / incidents and the level of fines/penalties/compensation. 

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence


Moulding leaders who are passionate about the protection of the workforce can improve moral, organisational culture and drive down costs associated with health and safety incidents, injuries and ill health. Within the UK alone, the annual cost of injuries and ill-health is estimated to be in excess of billions of pounds. Consequently, having leaders in your business who inspire others positively to drive health and safety vision forward not only protects the workforce but adds to productivity, profitability and compliance (NEBOSH, 2019). 

This course is run as a classroom course, or can be delivered In-Company by RRC. 

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