Benefits of Studying IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management course provides a solid foundation of environmental and sustainability concepts and knowledge. It is aimed at individuals who uphold responsibility for environmental duties, allowing them to improve sustainable practices and increase positive impact on society and the environment. The course covers key learning outcomes such as; supporting change and transformation to improve sustainability, environmental law and regulation, and outlining implications of global environmental trends. 

Be Part of a Professional Body 

IEMA is the professional body for everyone working in the environmental and sustainability sectors. By studying the IEMA Foundation Certificate you are entitled to associate membership of IEMA (AIEMA), giving you access to invaluable resources and access to a proficient network of professionals. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with your CPD records, and gain access to transform magazine which features thought-provoking articles on environmental awareness, economical, political and societal issues. 

Learner notes and workbook - IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

Importance of Environmental Awareness 

Environmental destruction is currently a high profile subject in the media, with the UK government officially declaring the environment an emergency as of May 2019. It is imperative, therefore, to educate on the environment and the issues we are facing. The course will give an understanding of environmental concepts, and how we affect the environment which can be applied within the workplace. 

According to IEMA, ‘’The world is changing – fast. Right now, only 13% of organisations say they have the right skills on board to survive as part of the new, sustainable economy.’’ (IEMA, 2019). Why not ensure that you and your company have the skills needed to survive in the upcoming uncertain environmentally political economy? 

Environmental Law, Regulation & Compliance 

Environmental law and policies will be covered within the course and give learners the practical skills needed to go back to work and be both compliant and innovative. It is essential to emphasize, this course gives the practical skills in order for individuals to implement environmental goals within the workplace. 

Upskilling with this qualification will allow individuals to contribute to larger scale corporate goals within the workplace. This, in turn, can aid reducing financial outgoings, reducing associated risks and winning future contracts. 

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Self-Development and The Future

From the student perspective, contributing to a company’s bigger sustainability targets can be self-satisfying as well as a positive attribute for future career prospects. The course is great for self-development and can enhance not only your work skills but your whole approach to environmental and sustainable living on a larger scale.

From an employer’s perspective, upskilling your staff will allow them to feel appreciated; allow you to be compliant, reduce presenteeism and reduce environmentally associated costs. 


Moulding members of staff who are passionate about the environment and sustainability can improve moral, financial and legal culture within the workplace. In addition to assisting with saving the planet!  

This course is delivered via classroom training, online and as an In-Company course.

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