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    Coachio Ltd, RRC’s Partner in New Zealand

    RRC’s fully tutor-supported NEBOSH, IOSH & IEMA online courses can be ordered from Coachio Ltd, RRC’S official partner in New Zealand. RRC Online Learning RRC’s high-quality Online courses feature: Unlimited tutor-support from UK-based tutors Interactive online training Downloadable study materials so you can study offline Excellent exam results Internationally Recognised Qualifications Our two most popular NEBOSH Online Courses in New Zealand NEBOSH International Diploma – NZ$ 3278 +GST NEBOSH International Certificate – NZ$ 992 +GST Fees are inclusive of RRC course fees and NEBOSH fees. Please note extra fees apply for local taxes and sitting your exam in Timaru, Christchurch, Auckland, Invercargill and Queenstown For more information on these or any of the courses offered by…

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    ISO 45001

    “Plan; Do; Check; Act; Check it out; What; what; what; What’s it all about?” (With apologies to the Beasty Boys)   In mid-March the new occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) ISO45001 was launched by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This replaces OHSAS 18001 to become the globally recognised OHSMS standard. ISO45001 adopts a management approach based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) management cycle, mirroring the approach taken by the HSE in their guidance HSG65. In brief this management cycle can be summarised as: Plan:  determine and assess OH&S risks and opportunities, establish OH&S objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the OH&S policy; Do:  implement…

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    Tacking Issues of Sustainable Development with ISO 14001

    A rather dry necessity routed in process and procedures?  Something usually put in place because it is required by supply chain partners and clients? Or to get ahead in a procurement process? Or, is ISO 14001 an important piece of the sustainable development jigsaw – addressing environmental sustainability issues, engaging employees and customers, opening up new opportunities and markets and actually something that can be used to stimulate strategic and cultural change? It depends on how it is used and who is using it. I have always argued the second point – and the updated version of the environmental management standard ISO 14001 makes that argument more compelling. Treat it…

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    RRC Middle East Newsletter – September 2016

    The September 2016 Edition of the RRC Middle East Newsletter is out! Download it now for the latest news and information from RRC, including: Hasan’s thoughts on Shifting Attitudes to Health and Safety in the Middle East The last few spaces available on Middle East courses this Autumn Our new Fire Safety Consultancy RRC Middle East in action, as well as celebrating recent student success Click here to download the latest RRC Middle East Newsletter.  

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    Changing a Culture: Shifting Attitudes to Health and Safety in The Middle East

    We often wonder why we have such poor occupational health and safety standards in the Middle East compared to other areas of the world. But if you look around you, you’ll find the answer. Safety is no different to other facets of living in the Middle East – we suffer from a culture that has long been dependent on others to develop and implement systems and technology. Even the water we drink is imported! What appears to matter most to us is how easily we can purchase things that are ready-made, rather than go through the process of creating them ourselves. For example: We have budgets, but we mainly use…

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    Advice to CSP Qualified Students Taking Advantage of NEBOSH and BCSP Collab

    Earlier this year (2016) NEBOSH and BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals) signed a memorandum of understanding. Recognising each other’s qualifications and allowing exemptions for those NEBOSH Diploma holders wanting to obtain the CSP (Certified Safety Practitioner) qualification. CSP holders waning to attain the NEBOSH Diploma Ordinarily you’d have to take a full course of study from an approved course provider (like RRC) to be able to sit the NEBOSH exams.  But the agreement between NEBOSH and BCSP means that you don’t have to. In practice, whilst there’s some overlap in course coverage between CSP and the NEBOSH’s Health and Safety Diplomas, there’s a lot that’s different.  Added to that…

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    Shall We Stay or Shall We Go? The Potential Implications of ‘Brexit’ on H&S Regulation in UK

    Like many, I have felt somewhat battered and bemused by the recent torrent of information and argument about our future, or not, as members of the EU. Trying to make a well-informed decision about whether to stay or leave requires trawling through a huge amount of material and listening carefully to arguments on the economy, immigration, sovereignty and so on. Faced with this bewildering mass of information it’s no wonder that many people seem to be finding it hard to make up their minds. So, I thought to myself, what issue of personal importance can I focus on in an effort to see which way to leap on 23 June? …

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    ISO 45001 Update

    ISO 45001 is a safety management system standard that is meant to be a global replacement for similar standards such as the BS OHSAS 18001 and ILO-OSH 2001.  It clearly takes some cues from the ISO 31000, guidelines on risk management.  You may wonder why it’s needed given the popularity of OHSAS 18001. In the fast and furious world that is ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), protocol is followed. An initial draft is produced and published, which is supposed to stimulate public debate.  It’s called a DIS (Draft International Standard).  And DIS ISO 45001 has been out for a while (since January 2016) and has stimulated debate.  Whilst it was…

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    NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #30

    Having finished looking at topics from the individual units and elements, we will now tackle the teaching and learning approach. There can be a perception that gaining the NEBOSH diploma is just a case of memorising a whole lot more facts to impress your friends, practising a few exam questions and performing well in the exams and assignment.  That’s inevitably part of it, but it’s a whole new way of thinking. A big step up to being an independent safety professional who can give sound, proportionate advice to a client or employer, and make a difference.  Of course, experience adds a great deal to this, but fundamentally it’s about approach…