In our voyage of unbridled discovery, we continue to element A8.  As with the previous incarnation of the syllabus, this element is basically an extension of the previous element.  The topic of leadership is revisited in the context of human motivation theories. Human motivation theories are like the leadership theories […]

NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #7

As our writers continue to busy away at, well, writing, I’ll continue my trawl through Unit A of the national diploma.  Delightfully, we are on to element A7.  This is everyone’s favourite.  The woolly world of “organisational factors” (aka organisational culture, but could also be called “death by misadventure”).  It’s […]

NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #6

NEBOSH started their second phase consultation on Friday 14th August. They issued course providers with revised syllabi for further consideration.  The proposed revisions take account of comments from employers, students, course providers and examiners.   The revised documents now contain concrete proposals for syllabus changes.  These changes may or may not […]

NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #1