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    Benefits of Studying The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management

    The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management is a collaborative course from The UK’s Health and Safety regulator (HSE) and NEBOSH. It is a specialist certificate aimed at those who work within the process industries; such as oil and gas, chemical plants and pharmaceuticals. Given the hazardous nature of the work environments involved in process industries, the course is suitable for managers, supervisors and safety professionals that would like a specialist qualification in process safety management. Here is an explanation of what process safety actually is, and benefits of studying the course. Difference Between Personal/Occupational Safety and Process Safety Occupational safety is defined as concern over slips and trips,…

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    NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #3

    In terms of the project, we have now got to the stage where we have very nearly completed a full review of the proposed syllabus changes.  We’ve produced mapping documents for Units A and C which show not only what has changed and moved but where it has come from and, where the new content is likely to be sourced.  We’re working on this for unit B too (where the changes are more complex). We have restructured our unit A/IA PowerPoint slides and sent these to one of our writers.  Today he’s starting to review and add/amend content to create a draft of what the new materials would look like.…

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    Buncefield Nearly Six Years on

    Earlier this year the HSE, EA and SEPA jointly published another report about the Buncefield oil depot explosion and fire, entitled Buncefield: why did it happen? There have been many reports, including interim’s and a final report in 2008, so you may be forgiven for thinking this is becoming like the farewell tours of some ageing rock star or crooner. This report promises to reveal the underlying causes of the debacle. But why the wait? Turns out that the regulators couldn’t reveal the whole story because of a pending prosecution. Now that’s out the way, all can be revealed. You may remember that the Buncefield Oil Depot was a major…