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    Pedagogy or Technology – Who is in The Driving Seat?

    ‘Pedagogy’ is a word used by educationalists to describe the profession of teaching. Whenever I teach, I’m reminded of what’s important in the classroom. There’s a real temptation to overuse modern technology (I speak relatively here, though perhaps not quite Einsteinian). We may feel enticed by its seductive calling – even when it blatantly doesn’t fit. Like a kid who is determined to make that square peg fit into that round hole (I never had problems fitting round pegs in square holes). There’s obviously a pressure to do this. It could be the fear of being left behind or ridiculed. We have the equipment, so we’ve got to use it. I…

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    The Real Cost of Car Safety Recalls

    There has been a good deal in the media recently about the troubles of Toyota and Honda. They’re two car manufacturers synonymous with high quality, safety and reliability. Toyota (including the Lexus brand) has had problems with sticking accelerator pedals in quite a few models in the US. And, it seems, worldwide, a software issue affecting the braking of the latest versions of the Prius. Honda has also been afflicted – malfunctioning electric window switches which could possibly cause a fire. There are clear safety and quality lessons but doubtless there has also been much hype. New revelations every day; Japanese CEO’s apologising profusely on TV. It’s almost reaching the…