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    NEBOSH & Assessments

    Friction Resistance on The NEBOSH Diploma

    “Resistance is futile” is the catchy battle cry of the Borg Collective – an alien cyborg race bent on galactic domination. While they have some redeeming qualities (the Borg Queen is strangely attractive) they do have an attitude to resistance that is not shared by their invaded planetary systems.­­­­­­­ Friction – as covered in Element 1 of Unit C, NEBOSH Diploma – is all about resistance. Most parents of young children and teenagers will be very familiar with resistance.  Sometimes it delivers pain, sometimes pleasure. Sometimes it is inconvenient, but it can be a wonderful thing. 

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    Health & Safety

    Loftstedt – Chapter 3

    Yesterday, I happened to be in the Stoke-on-Trent area, hoping to cut across the A50 to pass by Loughborough on my way back down South. The A50 was unfortunately closed, the radio lady said, due to a diesel fuel spill. The ‘road ahead closed’ signs confirmed this but offered little advice as to an alternative. I occasionally use a SatNav but this insisted that I keep returning to the blocked route in some voyeuristic tendency. The point is, accidents are costly. The costs go way beyond the immediate accident and can be difficult to predict or estimate with any certainty. In my case, it was easy to see the effects…