“Plan; Do; Check; Act; Check it out; What; what; what; What’s it all about?” (With apologies to the Beasty Boys)   In mid-March the new occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) ISO45001 was launched by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This replaces OHSAS 18001 to become the globally […]

ISO 45001

This element, as previously unpacks the whole area of checking that the controls you put in place are working adequately.  If you’ve ever read the UK COSHH Regulations you’ll know that it does frame what it means by “adequate control” not only in terms of the principles of good practice […]

NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #12

Last week we noted the proposed changes in Unit A, elements 2 & 3.   Much of element is much the same as it was (previously element A3).  There is a greater emphasis on business terminology now, with explicit reference to performance management, key performance indicators and leading/lagging indicators.  Though quite […]

NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #4

In terms of the project, we have now got to the stage where we have very nearly completed a full review of the proposed syllabus changes.  We’ve produced mapping documents for Units A and C which show not only what has changed and moved but where it has come from […]

NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #3

The Importance Of Planning “Planning and implementing” are the subjects of Element 4 of the NEBOSH General Certificate and they form steps one (Plan) and two (Do) of the PDCA cycle (steps three and four being Check and Act). But I often get asked exactly what plan and do actually […]

The Importance Of Planning