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    Health & Safety – Shifting Cultural Norms

    When I was 18 years old I was knocked off my bicycle in a road traffic accident (or road traffic collision to use the modern parlance). I hit the tarmac quite hard; landing head first and sliding along the ground a bit before coming to a stop. As I lay on my side staring at the sky I could taste salty liquid trickling down my throat. When I turned my head a straw-coloured liquid dripped out of my nose to form a little puddle. That’s when I knew I had a fractured skull. When I tell people about this accident they often ask if I was wearing a helmet. And…

  • Man wearing hard hat, on a construction site
    Health & Safety

    Health and Safety Made Simple

    As part of their campaign to demystify health and safety for small, low risk businesses, HSE have launched yet more new guidance, giving in a nutshell the top things a business has to do to comply with health and safety law. It isn’t actually new as such, because HSE used to have a web-page on the ten things you must do as a business. Now your list of ten things might be different – like embezzlement (if you can’t help yourself who can you help?), tax evasion (sorry, I mean tax avoidance) and the ability to take pleasure in the misfortunes of others. All sound business skills you might think.…