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    PAS 79 – Fire Risk Assessment

    You may be aware that British Standards Institute (BSI) have recently revised their fire risk assessment standard – PAS 79. PAS standards for Publicly Accessible Standard and, like all their other standards, is available for a price. Now, you might think we are already swimming in guidance for fire risk assessment. I mean, there’s the very good free stuff (Fire Safety Risk Assessment series) from the UK Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). Though now elderly (much from 2006) it is still widely used and applicable, not least because it is free, accessible, relatively short, and focused on specific types of premises. The step-wise approach to fire risk assessment…

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    BSI – PAS 1010, Managing Psychosocial risks

    It may have escaped your notice or your budget but BSI recently published a publicly available specification (PAS 1010) about managing psychosocial risks (i.e. stress, violence and harassment) in the workplace. Though it is a type of document called a PAS, they stress it is not a specification and shouldn’t be quoted as such. It’s simply guidance…that’s called a specification. Like many of the BS and ISO management standards, it is framed so it is consistent with the plan-do-check-act management cycle approach – but don’t be fooled into thinking “consistent with” means using those headings to describe the standard. No, they do something different and equally exciting. The standard reminds…