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    Group 1: Carcinogenic to Humans

    I was diagnosed with cancer a little over five years ago. I know – that’s a bit of an opening line to a blog. But it’s true and I am unrepentant. We are afraid of the word despite the fact that one in two people born in the UK will experience some form of cancer over their lifetime (see here). Fortunately for me the type of cancer that I had, combined with early detection, surgery and chemotherapy have led to a very positive prognosis. I was, and am, lucky. But it has changed my perspective on cancer. When I was a young man cancer was a disease that other people…

  • NEBOSH & Assessments

    NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #11

    B3 is all about control. Newly in here is a note on “Meaning of prevention and control (COSHH Regulation 7)”. The principles of good practice were always in there but they have been made explicit – each principle being written out in full.  These are followed by a duplication of the hierarchy of control that was already covered in element B2.  This might very well be a mistake.  But as I said last week – this (and discussion of the examples in element B2) would make more sense here anyway.  No control discussion is complete without the special extra duties for especially insidious chemicals (carcinogens etc) where no “safe” level…