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    Is There Such a Thing as ‘NEBOSH Speak’?

    Is There Such a Thing as ‘NEBOSH Speak’? NEBOSH have a special language – there I’ve said it; that language is English! Of course the exams are translated into other languages as well. But in all cases, the use of language has to be clear and precise so everyone can understand what the question is asking. Try writing a question that is clear and unambiguous and you will see just how difficult the task really is! So, how do you understand exactly what the question is asking and how do you know how much to write? The obvious answer is to be well-prepared and to know all the material on the…

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    Mobile Learning – Just a Fad?

    Mobile learning is learning on the move. For many years it’s been touted as a complete replacement for all other methods. It stands to reason, everyone fiddles uncontrollably with something, why not a mobile device? I think there’s now a realisation that it isn’t the total solution that was promised. That doesn’t mean to say it’s rubbish or it’s a fad. Instead, it should be seen as part of the learning solution. It’s especially good at supporting students outside the classroom. For goodness sake, we can even download missed lectures on quantum mechanics from iTunes these days (I bet that’s a big seller). But, mobile learning doesn’t stop at iTunes…