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    Why You Should Visit The Safety & Health Expo 2019

    The Safety and Health practitioner is a health and safety industry magazine and news website. Annually, they present a Safety & Health Expo at the ExCel Centre in London, on 18th – 20th June, which is Europe’s leading health and safety event. Within the event there will be over 350+ industry expert companies exhibiting; there will be celebrity key note speakers attending, and the latest in innovative H&S products on show. RRC have been exhibiting at the SHExpo for the last 15 years, and have always found it to be beneficial. It is an annual highlight of our year, and a fantastic chance to showcase any prospective new courses, products…

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    Thinking About a Career in Health and Safety?

    Careering into it As a health and safety tutor I routinely meet people who already work in the field of occupational health and safety (OHS). And one thing that always strikes me is that they are a diverse bunch with a very wide range of ages, educational backgrounds, workplaces and work/ life experiences. From 21 to over normal retirement age. From left school at 16 with diddly-squat to PhDs in biomechanical engineering. From building society office to offshore oil and gas platform. From none at all to 35 years in the chemical engineering and manufacturing industries. And some of them have had life experiences that have made the hairs on…

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    Pedagogy or Technology – Who is in The Driving Seat?

    ‘Pedagogy’ is a word used by educationalists to describe the profession of teaching. Whenever I teach, I’m reminded of what’s important in the classroom. There’s a real temptation to overuse modern technology (I speak relatively here, though perhaps not quite Einsteinian). We may feel enticed by its seductive calling – even when it blatantly doesn’t fit. Like a kid who is determined to make that square peg fit into that round hole (I never had problems fitting round pegs in square holes). There’s obviously a pressure to do this. It could be the fear of being left behind or ridiculed. We have the equipment, so we’ve got to use it. I…