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    Still a Bad Daisy – HSE Warns Farmers of Livestock Risks

    A recent HSE e-Bulletin caught my eye the other day (see a web-based version here). One of the headlines was about the HSE campaign to raise awareness of livestock handling risks on farms (see the campaign press release here). The photo that accompanies the headline shows a happy, young farmer with a newly-shorn sheep. Slightly misleading but there you go. I don’t think sheep kill many people each year (though you can catch some interesting zoonotic diseases from them – but that’s another blog). The text of the article talks about cattle. Ahhhh… [No; not as in ‘cute’; as in ‘interesting’] Because it puts me in mind of the blog…

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    The Need For Speed

    Top Gun – what a film! Yes, I know it was a bit corny, but it was also enjoyable, with some memorable moments. If you don’t believe me, watch it again (or for the first time, for that matter). What was that line – something like ‘I have the need, the need for speed’?  I think it was Iceman but no doubt I’ve got it wrong and someone will be able to correct me. Speed thrills – it’s why so many people are fans of Formula 1, or other motor sports – and most of us like that thrill at times, though the speed needed to achieve it differs from…

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    Road Safety Awareness

    Road safety is something that is close to us all, unless you live in the remote countryside or are a frequent visitor to Olympus Mons – oh the rarefied air of Mars brings back memories. Whatever your view of the current UK government, it also seems that they consider it important too. Important enough for a firm strategy paper to be published. I speak of the DfT Strategic Framework for Road Safety. Browsing through its 75 pages, it covers numerous issues – previous trends, how different stakeholders can work together to improve things (that’s Big Society thinking i.e. everyone else but the government), training and the ever popular and inventive…