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    Health & Safety

    Playing to the Gallery?

    Playing to the Gallery? Is it me, or are the radical reforms to health and safety proving to be all smoke and mirrors? Way back in June 2010, when the coalition was newly formed, David Cameron appointed Lord Young of Graffham to conduct a review of health and safety law and practice. The Young report was published later that year. It was wide-ranging, though whether it was fully comprehensive and evidence-based is a matter of opinion. Lord Young was very clear in focusing his attention on the issue of the compensation culture, stating that fear of litigation (and the associated costs) was a major driver in many risk-averse decisions taken…

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    Health & Safety

    Lofstedt 7 – Keep it Simple

    In Chapter 7, Loftstedt really gets going. As I mentioned in earlier blogs, a real problem for many businesses is keeping up with the ever increasing amount and apparent complexity of legislation. It’s sometimes not what it says, but more finding out it exists and where to find it. There have been many calls for consolidation but there are numerous options – everything together vs reduced number of thematic regulations and everything in between. I recognise that consolidation can sometimes end up making things even more tortuous, with nested conditional ‘if….then’ clauses. Lofstedt helpfully distinguishes three broad categories of regulations which sit under the health and safety at work Act.…