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    Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Management Systems

    These days, a lot of people drive for work (some are even driven by work).  Some people always have done – like delivery drivers, sales representatives, repairmen, community nurses, traffic police and enforcement officers.  But even if you aren’t one of these people, you probably do a little bit of driving – the odd client visit, usually in your own car (because it’s convenient) but sometimes a fleet vehicle or hire car. Because there’s such a lot of it, companies have sometimes tried to manage it.  You may not know, but someone else has tried to manage it too – or rather to manage the management of it.  In 2012,…

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    Health & Safety

    The Risk of Hearing Impairment for Motorcyclists

    I was recently reading an article in RIDE magazine (December 2010 edition), reminding me of the risk of permanent hearing loss in motorcyclists. Motorcycle engines are largely exposed and normally rev at least twice as fast as car engines, so they generate a fair bit of noise compared to cars, even with a legal exhaust. But it’s not the engine noise or exhaust noise that is the problem. Rather it’s air turbulence around the rider’s helmet (especially around the neck region). It’s tricky to measure noise levels inside a motorcycle helmet. You could create a helmet the size of a room, so that you could fit in your motorcyclist, the…