In my mid-twenties I worked as a production supervisor in a bakery near Sheffield. The production line I was responsible for produced tea cakes, white baps and hot cross buns for Marks and Spencer (other retailers of perfectly fine ‘morning goods’ are available). We made a lot of hot cross […]

Pure as the Driven Snow

This element, as previously unpacks the whole area of checking that the controls you put in place are working adequately.  If you’ve ever read the UK COSHH Regulations you’ll know that it does frame what it means by “adequate control” not only in terms of the principles of good practice […]

NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #12

B3 is all about control (the very thing the government is trying to do with marijuana, the economy and even health and safety..). Newly in here is a note on “Meaning of prevention and control (COSHH Regulation 7)”.  I’m not sure whether this implies a definition but in reality it’s […]

NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #11

What is risk and why do we assess it – subjects that sit at the very heart of the NEBOSH General Certificate, and the health and safety sphere in general. Risk is the likelihood (the ‘chance’, the ‘probability’) that harm will occur – TOGETHER with the consequences (the ‘severity’ or […]

System addict