“Resistance is futile” is the catchy battle cry of the Borg Collective – an alien cyborg race bent on galactic domination. While they have some redeeming qualities (the Borg Queen is strangely attractive) they do have an attitude to resistance that is not shared by their invaded planetary systems.­­­­­­­ Friction […]

Pain and Pleasure

In the UK, as in many jurisdictions, there exists the Civil Law concept of individuals seeking compensation for injuries caused (at least partly) by others. In terms of health and safety at work, the typical scenario is when an employee is injured due to some work activity controlled by the […]

Breach Birth

You may be aware that British Standards Institute (BSI) have recently revised their fire risk assessment standard –PAS 79. PAS standards for Publicly Accessible Standard and, like all their other standards, is available for a price. Now, you might think we are already swimming in guidance for fire risk assessment. […]

PAS the Fire Blanket

I recently returned from Bahrain, in the Middle East. I’ve been there quite a few times and, in the open, it was hot and sticky (like toffee, rather than a stick). The British (and also chocolate) are not used to such conditions. I came to thinking what the actual temperature […]

Hot and Sticky

Well now I have one, a raspberry pi, model B. You may be wondering what it is. Some culinary delight, perhaps? No, it’s a computer, but not as you know it. It’s also become insanely popular (among a small population of, admittedly, mainly men with ponytails who seem to say […]

Pi in the Sky Technology for the class room

Since my last blog entry I’ve acquired an auto-darkening welding visor. This has been magnificent and I’ve been welding almost anything that isn’t already, well, welded. I think I may be addicted. My joy is boundless. Since the visor, by design, also absorbs those all important UV rays, I may […]

It’s a fair cop

It seems obvious, but experiencing is quite different from simply having knowledge of something. Some experiences are clearly to be avoided (like a bullet wound or a large tax bill) whereas some are to be embraced. I recently had a ride in a helicopter (a kind friend coerced her son […]

Experience counts – Flying Helicopters and Arc Welding

Very recently I had trouble with the daytime running lights on my car. Combination of a blown fuse and a blown bulb. I happened to be consulting the owner’s manual to get an idea on how to access to the headlamp assembly. It was pretty simple, removing a rubber cover, […]

How many experts does it take to change a lightbulb?

You may have noticed some recent news about the shock students going to University face. Some clever people at Cambridge Assessment have done a bit of research. I know what you’re thinking, that might just mean they asked a few people on the bus, which technically is still research, even […]

Comfort Food – Learning Just What We Need to Pass ...