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    NEBOSH Diploma Syllabus Revision News #3

    In terms of the project, we have now got to the stage where we have very nearly completed a full review of the proposed syllabus changes.  We’ve produced mapping documents for Units A and C which show not only what has changed and moved but where it has come from and, where the new content is likely to be sourced.  We’re working on this for unit B too (where the changes are more complex). We have restructured our unit A/IA PowerPoint slides and sent these to one of our writers.  Today he’s starting to review and add/amend content to create a draft of what the new materials would look like.…

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    Health & Safety

    The Need For Speed

    Top Gun – what a film! Yes, I know it was a bit corny, but it was also enjoyable, with some memorable moments. If you don’t believe me, watch it again (or for the first time, for that matter). What was that line – something like ‘I have the need, the need for speed’?  I think it was Iceman but no doubt I’ve got it wrong and someone will be able to correct me. Speed thrills – it’s why so many people are fans of Formula 1, or other motor sports – and most of us like that thrill at times, though the speed needed to achieve it differs from…