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    The Safety & Health Expo 2019 – One Week To Go

    The Safety & Health Expo commences on the 18th of June and will run for three consecutive days. Excitement is building up, and below is a rundown of what you can look forward to in more detail. Schedule of Events In addition to the Key Note Speakers: Jonny Wilkinson CBE, Steph McGovern and Eddie the Eagle, there will be numerous seminars running over the course of the three day event. There will be hundreds of influential HSE figures delivering speeches, ranging from representatives from IOSH all the way to Transport for London. New for the SHExpo 2019, there is also a PPE Attack Zone where there will be visual demonstrations…

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    Health & Safety

    Mobile Learning – Just a Fad?

    Mobile learning is learning on the move. For many years it’s been touted as a complete replacement for all other methods. It stands to reason, everyone fiddles uncontrollably with something, why not a mobile device? I think there’s now a realisation that it isn’t the total solution that was promised. That doesn’t mean to say it’s rubbish or it’s a fad. Instead, it should be seen as part of the learning solution. It’s especially good at supporting students outside the classroom. For goodness sake, we can even download missed lectures on quantum mechanics from iTunes these days (I bet that’s a big seller). But, mobile learning doesn’t stop at iTunes…

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    Pedagogy or Technology – Who is in The Driving Seat?

    ‘Pedagogy’ is a word used by educationalists to describe the profession of teaching. Whenever I teach, I’m reminded of what’s important in the classroom. There’s a real temptation to overuse modern technology (I speak relatively here, though perhaps not quite Einsteinian). We may feel enticed by its seductive calling – even when it blatantly doesn’t fit. Like a kid who is determined to make that square peg fit into that round hole (I never had problems fitting round pegs in square holes). There’s obviously a pressure to do this. It could be the fear of being left behind or ridiculed. We have the equipment, so we’ve got to use it. I…