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    The Dangers of Heat Stress

    Nice Weather We have been enjoying a relatively warm, dry spell in some parts of the UK recently. For many of us summer has finally arrived after a rather disappointing spring. On my local patch the farmers are making hay while the sun shines. But every silver lining has a cloud and for some people that cloud is heat stress. Heat Stress Heat stress is what happens when your core body temperature starts to creep up above the normal 37oC. The human body has complex thermoregulatory mechanisms to keep core temperature at or close to 37oC. If these mechanisms fail to work effectively then very significant health effects will start…

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    Qatar 2022

    When FIFA announced that Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup there was surprise and concern from many quarters because of the country’s summer temperatures. And now it looks as though many organisations are backing a move from summer to winter for the tournament because of those concerns. Qatar certainly has an extreme climate. Jutting out into the Persian Gulf it is an arid peduncle covered largely in sand and gravel. Average temperatures for July are over 35oC. That’s the average day and night-time temperature across the entire month. At 5am, the coolest time of night, temperatures can still be above 30oC and relative humidity can be 100%. The maximum…