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    Mental Health Awareness Within H&S and The Workplace

    Health and Safety Workplace Cultures Naturally Mental Health issues can occur throughout all workplaces and industries. Poor mental health can affect any one of us. However, within the Health and Safety industries, there are some environments where raising concern about these issues is difficult. For example, within the Construction Industry there is a workplace culture which draws on ‘’traditional masculinity’’. This culture can be seen across the Health and Safety industries. For instance, Referenced from The SHP Road to Well-Being eBook: ”Referencing Robin Ely of Harvard Business School: Macho Culture is also endangering the workplace by creating a culture where people felt they “had to prove themselves” rather than assess…

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    Health & Safety

    It’s Not All About The Money

    Students on the NEBOSH Health and Well-Being at Work Certificate will be aware that one of the beliefs underpinning health and well-being is that work is good for both. I thought I would put this notion to the test one Friday afternoon and conduct an ad-hoc survey into the well-being of the workforce after a week at work. The vast majority of the answers fell into the category of ‘you must be kidding’, or words to that effect, so I reflected on why work is good for us and why we do not always recognise that fact.