NEBOSH & Assessments

Your Pre-NEBOSH Exam Checklist

You have spent weeks and months studying, late nights getting through course material, hours practising mock questions and answers, a flurry of questions to your fellow students in the forums and clarification from your tutors.  Your exam date is booked and you are already preparing to celebrate a renewed social life, post exam.  You know the course material but wait, you have forgotten the basics of the exam preparation. So here is a step by step check-list to save you lots of unnecessary stress on exam day. The RRC Exams team have years of experience of dealing with a range of issues that arise on Exam Day.

Follow this list of advice to ensure you ace your pre-entry, and can start your exam with solely NEBOSH in your mind.

Your NEBOSH Exam checklist:

  1. Know what course you are sitting!
    • This sounds basic, but on the day there can be up to 7 different exams running. For example, if you are sitting IGC1, ensure you know whether this is for the International Construction, International Fire, etc.
  2. Exam Entry VoucherNebosh Student number
    • This is sent to you via e-mail, and is a ticket that you need to PRINT out as it has your candidate number from NEBOSH.
  3. Photographic ID
    • Passport, Drivers Licence, EU Card, Student Card
    • Check that it is a photo of you and that you have picked up the right ID
  4. A Pen.
    • A basic requirement but these ARE NOT supplied so you will need to have one with you to complete your exam.  Preferably 2 pens in case one runs out of ink, and these must be blue or black only.
  5. Reasonable Adjustments
    • If you have been given ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ to sit your exam, please PRINT OFF THE EMAIL. This will ensure the invigilators are aware of what you require, and what equipment you have been allowed to enter the exam with.  This is very important as there can be hundreds of students sitting the exam on the day and mind-readers they are not.
    • ** You must provide your own equipment, as outlined by the RRC Exam Team. **
  6. CHECK YOUR VENUE!Nebosh Exam Venue
    • You would have received an email from RRC with venue instructions and the correct address for your exam venue.
    • LONDON venue – There are several campuses for London MET. Please check
    • INTERNATIONAL Students – Please check your venue and also it is best to contact the British Council where you are sitting your exam to double check their address
  7. Map of how to get to the venue
    • Public transport, driving, walking, biking or uni-cycling.  Getting to the correct exam venue, at the correct time means being prepared and not driving in circles trying to find a park, or catching the wrong bus.  Please ensure you know exactly how you will be getting there.
    • ** Please Note: Many venues DO NOT have car parking available on the day of exams. **
  8. UK Students – you may have been sent a seating plan, or a seating number.  Please note your seat so that you sit in the correct place, with hundreds of students in the exam, you CANNOT just sit anywhere.
  • ** Note: This may differ between AM and PM exams so please check both. **

You made it, you have your pens, candidate number, seating plan, you are at the right venue and ready to go.  But, you must… CHECK that your Answer booklet on the table in front of you matches your candidate number (found on your admission voucher).  This is your responsibility and if this is incorrect, you are writing the exam for someone else, and they will be credited for your work.  You will be asked several times before the start of the exam to check this, again this is your responsibility PLEASE CHECK IT! There would be nothing worse than months of preparation, study and hard work disappearing because you sat the exam for someone else (yes this has happened).

  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam.
    • Your final preparation is being organised, be ready for the possibility something has fallen through your well organised plans.  Or you can sit and enjoy a coffee, tea or water prior to the start of your exam.
    • ** Note: Late arrives ‘may’ be granted entry in extreme circumstances. If you think you may unfortunately be late to your venue, please contact RRC (UK Students) or the British Council where you are sitting your exam at your earliest convenience.  We will of course attempt to assist you in every way that we can, however, it is always up to the individual exam invigilators on late exam entry. **

We hope everything goes smoothly and that this checklist will help you smooth out some of the pre-exam stress bumps that we have found regularly occur at exams.  Now that you are prepared, we want to wish you the best of luck in your exams!