How to sit your NEBOSH Practical Assessment

Your NEBOSH Practical Exam

So you have started thinking about your NEBOSH practical assessment, we thought we’d put a few things down here to answer some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Continue reading

The skin we live in Part II (The Re-exposure)

The skin we live in Part II (The Re-exposure)

In my last blog I depressed myself (and possibly you, as well) with tales of industrial poisoning on a small and large scale. And I confessed to the strange habit of putting an organic solvent on my skin just to see what it would do (taste funny, among other things. Those of you who have met me now have yet another reason to explain why I am the way I am). Continue reading

The skin we live in

The skin we live in

Many years ago, in a laboratory far, far away, I used to work as a research scientist. One of the chemicals used in the laboratory was Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO). You could do a neat trick with DMSO, as I discovered.

At the suggestion of one of the post-docs in the lab (yes, that’s you Paddy!) I put a small drop of liquid on my fingertip and then watched it intently. The drop of liquid disappeared, as if by magic. Continue reading

Civil Sanctions vs Criminal Sanctions for Environmental Offences

Let’s all be Civil

If there is one topic I find causes confusion for students (as well as aspects and impacts, that is – see my earlier post!) it is civil sanctions – as covered in Element 5, Unit 1 of the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma. It does take some time to get your head around them but, believe me, it will be worth it!

Civil sanctions are an attempt to improve the legal system by introducing a set of sanctions in criminal law that have their heart in civil law. They have been around in England and Wales since 2010, when an order and a subsequent amendment were introduced to make them apply to key environmental acts, such as the EPA, Wildlife and Countryside Act, etc. and regulations, such as those relating to hazardous waste and packaging waste. Continue reading